Educational problems in India

Educational problems in India

In this article, we are going to share the main obstacle to the progress of India, that is, the educational problems in India. All the information given below is based on the recent census.

Nation’s development in indirectly dependent of its quality of education. In india, number of the students are suffering from psychiatric disorders, as per NCRB reports, four students suicides on daily basis. Most of the educated students are suffering mental illness, this all is due to the following below discussed educational problems in India;

Impact of Brian Drian

Mostly indian educationalism is grasp negatively by this system. For india, it is a huge loss in educational terms. Persons undergoing Brian drain are prepared by indian education, takes lot of money to reach the level of educate. But then they migrates to foriegn, only in order to get the bucks. The existing educationalism in india remains on its own low rate of progress. This do have another demerit on education system, that is, unable teaching faculties remains here. This happens only when specialists, doctors, engineers etc migrates from India.

Less availability of scholarships

Unlike foriegn countries, Indian educational system is unable to give the best policies of scholarships. Most of the talented students lose their talent, potential and confidential power due to lack of presence of higher study scholarships. Indian education system gives some scholarships, but due to lack of communication gaps, these opportunities are missed out, and important scholarships are given, but based on ranks, in national entrance examinations. Only the qualifiers are choosen, rest remains besides which lead to the disappointment of various students, which indirectly in result decreases the educational rate.

Lack of technology in education

The impact of digitalization is also visible on education sector. Except India, in most of the developed countries the bots are used to teach the students. Results in, the dought clearance and less time consumption. But instead, this system is invisible in India. At the primary level of education students remain unaware about the practicality during their schooling. They only retain the theories in mind, not come in practical world. This is not their fault, but is the fault in education system. This remains the main obstacle in persuing their higher educations.

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Unable to shape students passion

In India, students push themselves to crack the examinations only, not their passion. They are forced to remain with bounded syllabus. By this, the students lose their interest of working on thier passions. Like, to do job in a company in India you should have degrees of study, quality doesn’t matter to them. Same is the case with educationalism here, indians follow examinations, not the students wish. Here we follow same unupdated syllbus. That pushes students back from recentation, updation and foriegn exposures. Students use smartphones for relaxation and entertainment, due to which they do no physical exercises. Which in result, the students fail in doing something unique. In nutshell forced education is here, not of the passion.

Expensive higher studies

This is also the main educational problem in india in 2020. Educational privatization has ruled out now. Education in India has almost turned to capital investment now. In every corner of India only the educational institutes are visible that provides the less quality education. These institutions contain unexperienced, because the better is taken by the brand institutions like IIT’s and IIM’s, and these institutions are expensive to students, because of higher amount of fee, students are unable to meet out their fee requirements. Due to this financial fault, the students with lower potential of economy, returns back. This results in wastage of talent and potential of most of the students

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